Human Trafficker Threaten Victims’ Relatives for Ransom

By January 17, 2016 07:27

Human Trafficker Threaten Victims’ Relatives for Ransom

By RVision Correspondent

Alor Setar, Malaysia (Rohingya Vision) – A human trafficker based in Malaysia has been posing threats to the trafficking victims’ relatives in Malaysia as well as in Myanmar (Burma) for ransom for a few weeks now, according to their statements.

The human trafficker is reportedly well-connected with the authorities in Rakhine state of Myanmar. He is also said to be very rich and have hired local goons as his bodyguards in Malaysia.

“He took a number of people on his boat to traffick them from Arakan (Rakhine) state to Malaysia via Thailand around two years ago.

He took half of the ransom money from them before they got on the boat. However, the boat disappeared in the middle of the sea. No information of them has been heard since then.

Therefore, he could not demand any ransom from their (the boat people’s) family members. As after two years, since their family members now got their information that they have been in Sri Lanka while a few of them have been resettled to US by UNHCR after their boat stranded in the Sri Lankan shore, the human trafficker started to demand the remaining ransom money from their respective family members in Myanmar and in Malaysia.

As they have declined to fulfil his demand, he is now threatening the people in Myanmar’s Rakhine state that he will get them arrested and beaten by the (Burmese) Border Guard Police (BGP) and extort money from them with the help of BGP. According to the human trafficker, he has his reach to the Burmese BGP.

He has also threatened to kill the victims’ relatives in Malaysia if they don’t fulfil his demand for ransom. Now, they are really worried and feeling helpless,” said a source close to the victims.

The human trafficker is identified to be Mustakh Ahmed (son of) Nooru originally from Zammoina village in northern Maungdaw Township, Rakhine state. He currently resides in Malaysia and uses a phone with a number ‘006- 013 6545 484.’

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Human Trafficker ‘Mustakh Ahmed (son of) Nooru’ living in Malaysia

Some of the victims that stranded at the Sri Lankan coast around two years ago are:

  • Hafiz Ahmed (son of) Akhbar
  • Sultan Ahmed (son of) Azizur Rahman
  • Moji Rahman (son of) Mohammed Rashid
  • Kabir Ahmed (son of) Noor Mohammed
  • Ayas (son of) Mohammed Syed
  • Saddar Hussein (son of) Nazir Ahmed
  • Fedan (son of) Hussein
  • Jabair (son of) Farooq
  • Zahid Alam (son of) Noor Ahmed
  • Saiful Alam (son of) ?
  • Ahmed Naser (son of) Hasan Ahmed
  • Noor Amin (son of) Khadir Hussein

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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By January 17, 2016 07:27

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