Government’s Bogus Plan To Resettle Rohingyas

By May 23, 2013 13:13

Government’s Bogus Plan To Resettle Rohingyas

A Burning Village in Kyauktaw (Photo Credit:

A Burning Village in Kyauktaw (Photo Credit:


KyaukTaw, Arakan– Last year, in June and October, there were many Rohingya villages such as Goppi Taung, Rohingya Fara and Shwe Hlaing etc were burnt by Rakine Extremists with cooperation of the authority. Consequently, thousands of Rohingyas were made displaced. They have been living in the temporary shelters by either rivers or graves in the township.

As the monsoon season is looming around, in order to escape the international pressure, the
authority in Kyauktaw Township is up to implementing some sorts of bogus plans regarding
resettlement of Rohingyas.

“Now, the Kyauktaw township administration has been trying to build some tents for us at the places where we are temporarily taking shelter. Each tent will be made of 8 rooms. But our people rejected their approach because they are not building tents on our original lands but trying to settle us permanently here. The people demanded the authority to build any size of or kind of tent only on their land” said a displaced Rohingya.

A few days later, the authority came back and said they would try to build tents on our own
lands. But till date, nothing has improved in regard to that. We really wish it to happen” he

“Unlike in Sittwe, there are hardly any presences of humanitarian workers, NGOs or foreign media here. Too much travel restrictions and blockages against us. Therefore, we have been in grave crises of food, medicine, shelter etc” said an elderly Rohingya from Kyauktaw.



By May 23, 2013 13:13

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