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Four Rohingya Women Killed in Mrauk-U

Four Rohingya Women Killed in Mrauk-U
June 05
14:47 2013
Mrauk-U Township (Google Map)

Mrauk-U Township (Google Map)

June 5, 2013

Mrauk-U, Arakan– Around 9AM yesterday (i.e. 4th June 2013), four Rohingya women were shot dead by Burmese Military in the village of Bolti Fara (Payein), Mrauk-U Township. Meanwhile, other five Rohingyas, three women and two men, were severely injured due to the rampant firing of the Military. Military shot at them as they started to refuse to go for forced labouring.










“In October last year, almost two third of the village of Bolti Fara (Payein) was burnt down by Rakhine terrorists. Therefore, there are some NGOs that provided funds to build shelter for the displaced Rohingyas. An Arakan state-based Rakhine organization got the contract to build the tents.

But the military have taken and spent up the amount allocated for labours saying that they would provide the labours needed. Therefore, Military came to the village and demanded forced labours of both men and women to carry woods.

Rohingyas’ refusal to go for forced labour led to a quarrel between military and the villagers. And Military, subsequently, started firing at the innocent people. Thus, four women died and other five Rohingyas were severely injured” said an elderly Rohingya from Mrauk-U.

“Therefore, you can imagine how arbitrary and inhumane Burmese military are. Besides, the injured Rohingyas have not been hospitalized yet” he broke down.



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