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Five Rohingya Injured at Police Firing in Akyab

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 19th November 2018

Akyab: Five innocent Rohingya were shot at an Internally Displaced People’s camp (IDP) in Akyab (Sittwe) by Burmese police, leaving two Rohingya in critical condition, while arresting two other Rohingya yesterday (18th November 2018), reports a local from the crime scene.

At early morning a group of police arrived at the Ah Nauk Ye IDP camp and arrested two Rohingya by accusing them to be involved in a human trafficking case – a water vessel that was caught by Burmese officials in Yangon on Friday.

The injured victim at the IDP yesterday. Image: Social media

The two arrested victim was identified to be Abu Sayed S/O Noor Alm 35 and Sadek S/O Islam, 37 hailing from the same camp.

Initially when victims were arrested, other Rohingya from the area tried to stop this arbitrary arrests. To avoid any inconvenience the area supervisor stopped the Rohingya to do so.

Later while going out of the camp, Burmese police randomly fired on the civilians working on the field, where five Rohingya were shot.

[The injured Rohingya, and the bullet case recovered from the crime scene. Image: Social media]

Among the five shot Rohingya, two are heard to be fighting with life and death and for other three a hope of survival is still there.

Among the victims, one was identified and is named to be  Sodo Rahman S/O Abdu Rahman, 22 from, who hails from the nearby Mayurkul area.

Further details of the victims and the current situation of the camp could not be heard yet.

Since 2012, tens of thousands of Rohingya were forced out of their own villages towards these concentration camps, where they are denied from all basic human rights including freedom of movement, health-care and education.

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