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Fire in a Concentration Camp of Akyab Burnt Six Rohingya Alive

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 20th October 2018

Akyab: A fire incident burnt and killed six Rohingya and destroyed 15 Rohingya shelters in an internally displaced peoples’ Camp (IDP) of Akyab (Sittwe) Township on 18th October 2018, report sources.

The fire incident was reported at 11:30 PM from Ohn Taw Chay IDP camp and locals were seen in panic and struggle to extinguish the fire.

[Image taken on 19th Oct 2018 above shows a burnt Rohingya body from 
Ohn Taw Chay IDP camp of Akyab Township. Image: RVISION TV] 

Within an hour of burning locals somehow managed to extinguish the fire, but they could not save the six Rohingya, who were stuck inside the burning camps.

In the morning the burnt corpses were rescued with the help of locals and police.

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The destroyed 15 camps were homes to 141 Rohingya families, who are homeless now.

Immediate food and clothing have been provided to the affected families, but until now cause of the fire is yet unknown.

Since 2012, thousands of Rohingya were driven out from their home and were pushed towards these concentration camps following a state-sponsored attack.

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