Financial Misfortune Chases Rohingya Students of IIUM

By July 21, 2017 14:55

Financial Misfortune Chases Rohingya Students of IIUM

A number of Rohingya students are forced to leave their study at IIUM due to financial disability to afford their fees and expenses.

IIUM was perhaps the only higher institution that kindheartedly embraced Rohingya students offering scholarships. But…

“After losing all the energies just to reach the gate the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue, we are shocked by the unexpected limitation in the sponsorship program that the Rohingya students used to benefit from” sighingly said a student who recently failed to register, adding “I have no option except to shift to public life”.

As almost all of them belong to refugee backgrounds somewhere, such an external financial support is the only hope that helped them endeavor for eligibility to apply for admission.

Among the thousands of Rohingya children, teenagers and youths wasting their talent, intellect and life due to denial of their right and access to education or lack of opportunity to learn, a small number of them are lucky enough to be eligible for application and admission to IIUM defeating so many tough challenges of legal status, documents, poverty, discrimination, lack of facilities, official procedures, etc.

Another one is worrying, “I will see whether I can manage a sponsorship before the upcoming semester registration. Otherwise, I will look for a job to survive. Though I am on the midway of my study, I have been excluded as well”.

As the Rohingya minority is suffering from a severe drought of qualified leaderships, “the few students we have are the assets of the people and their hope. So seeing these students deprived of education is an unrecoverable loss for us,” says Mohammad, a community leader.

“The UNHCR refugee card holders are also neither allowed to go to public educational institutions nor there are available systematic private institutions for them, while approximately two third of the community (in Malaysia) are refugees without asylum” he added.

Deprivation of education is the strongest genocidal means that Myanmar has adopted to paralyze this people intellectually. Especially since 2012 anti-Rohingya violence, Rohingya students have been banned from higher studies in university, and the religious schools are totally locked in Arakan state, even home tuition and study circles are outlawed. And the schools of basic education are not but institutions of discrimination against Rohingya students, where the students scarcely benefit from.

In the last couple of years, the literacy rate is observed comparatively decreasing dramatically among Rohingya community, which has been led by ignorance and illiteracy for decades. For example, the matriculates (the highest qualification available) in a village populated by 3,000+ people do not outnumber the fingers of a hand, according to RVision’s recent case studies.

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By July 21, 2017 14:55

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