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Fear of Deportation Forces a Rohingya family to Flee India

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 27th December 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: A Rohingya family from India made another perilous journey to reach the makeshift camps of Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh in fear of deportation to Arakan (Rakhine) in the ongoing persecution, reports a local source.

The Rohingya family was residing in Balapur district, Hyderabad of India like another thousands of Rohingya in the apartheid camps.

[Ruhul and his family who had to flee India in fear of deportation. Image: VOR]

Currently, a list is being prepared by forcing the Rohingya refugees there to give their biodata to deport them to Arakan, Burma in the hands of the Burmese genocidal regime.

In fear of that list, this family took another risky journey to reach a different makeshift camp of Bangladesh, just to save their lives.

The victim was identified to be Ruhul Amin S/O Noor Islam, 28, whose family of 4 members, including his sister and mother, also fled the camps of India to neighboring Bangladesh.

“They do not need to force us to go back to our country, if we are guaranteed our deserved rights and security, we will return ourselves”, say Ruhul in an interview with Voice of Rohingya – VOR.

The residing Rohingya refugees in India are facing constant fear and harassment daily either by government authorities or extremist political parties to return to Burma.

Since the dramatic deportation of 7 Rohingya men, the refugees in India are under tremendous pressure to be on the list of deportation, without any assurance of safety for their lives in a country where they were expelled with genocidal operations.

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