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What Could be Fate of Rohingyas if Myanmar Keeps Killing?

By Aamir bin Harun

If Myanmar military keep continues extra-Judicial killing to the most persecuted Rohingyas mainly women then it concerns to the world body “but” if the world body won’t stands neutrally toward the Justice of Rohingyas in this Propaganda killing by the Military of Myanmar in collaboration with Rakines community then it’s a matter concerns to the individual Rohingyas to defend themselves from the mass killings of Myanmar.

Our mothers and sisters are raped and killed by the Military of Myanmar and still we are looking forward to hear from the world body.

When the magic Propaganda erupted in 9 October by unknown group in Rakines state then the government turns their ruthless eyes towards Rohingya without further scrutinies.

The Rohingyas are now in a position where they need to choose two ways , die under the bullet of the government of Myanmar “or” Leave the country to become Refugees because they are not allowed to access any field of humanitarian aids especially medical field.

Hence, the world body are responsible to respond to the government of Myanmar for the inequity and one-sideness killing mostly the Rohingyas women .

In this regard, I would like to asseverate UN, Amnesty international and other responsible members to voice out for the most subjugated Rohingya people .

We still have browny expectations towards the world nations in order to bring sustainable development in Rakines state , but it depends mostly to the government of Myanmar on how the process to improve.

The current ruthless aggression, burning villages, raping Women, and killing Rohingyas guiltless people seems to be another process of genocide by the government of Myanmar especially military.

It’s the collective responsibility of every human beings to voice out for voiceless people, and if we are not voicing for them then all of us siding with oppressor that means all of us responsible for Rohingyas genocide in Rakine state.

Aamir bin Harun is a human rights activist. Views expressed are his own. Rohingya Vision TV is not responsible for any of the points mentioned in the article. He can be reached to him on Facebook: