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Escalation of Atrocities by Rakhine Police

Escalation of Atrocities by Rakhine Police
July 17
22:02 2013


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July 18, 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan: It has been reported here ( how the racist Rakhine Police in Maung Daw is going ever brutal against Rohingyas. The atrocities by the Police seem to be never ending but only escalating.

“On 15th July 2013 afternoon, Ajimullah S/o Musa (age 30) was having a rest and sleeping at his home as he was fasting. With him was his friend, Karimullah S/o Fayas. They both hail from the same village, Sair-Kun-Baw (Tha-Ray-Kun-Baung), southern Maung Daw. All of a sudden, Police and Hlun-Tin (Security Force) from the camp of Tun Chaung, a camp evacuated by the abolished Border Security Force (NaSaKa), raided his home and arrested both of them.

They were beaten and falsely accused of involving in the violence in June, last year. They (Police and Hlun-Tin) released them (the two Rohingyas) only after the extortion of Kyat 500,000” reported an elderly villager.

In another incidence yesterday (July 17, 2013), three Police Officers from the station based in a Rakhine village called Mrawaddy raided nearby Rohingya village of Wachha, southern Maung Daw. A young and innocent Rohingya scholar named Abdullah s/o Abdu Shukkor (28) was arbitrarily arrested, tortured and stripped off his clothes. He, fortunately, was able to flee while he was being taken to the Police station by force. Rakhine Police officers, dissatisfied with what had happened, called on more Police officers and raided the village again a while afterwards.

Many children, old, men and women alike were beaten by Police. Their money, too, got robbed. Besides, Police threatened the villagers that they would raid the village again tomorrow if they (the villagers) don’t reveal where the man, Abdullah, is hiding. According to the villagers, they have no idea on his whereabouts. “We were terrorized by the Rakhine Police” exclaimed a villager.

And in the camps evacuated by the disbanded NaSaKa, Police and Hlutin (Security Force), one of stakeholders in the ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas, have taken their bases and charge of the security affairs.

Saindar (Thandar) and Waccha (Credit: Google Map)



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