Enforced Disappearances of Innocent Rohingyas by Burmese Regime

By October 19, 2016 16:22

Enforced Disappearances of Innocent Rohingyas by Burmese Regime

By Rohingya Mirror
RVision TV

Maungdaw — The Burmese armed forces have been continuosly committing enforced disappearances of innocent Rohingya civilians in northern Maungdaw since October 9, whilst scaling down the mass atrocities like openly killing them and burning down their homes, the local sources say.

The armed forces such as the military and the Border Guard Police have been arbitrarily arresting innocent Rohingyas from their homes, grabbing them from the roads and summoning them to their camps; and detaining them incommunicado after that.

It’s feared that many of the arrestees have been killed since the time of their arrests.

“Around 2 PM, yesterday (i.e. on October 18), the Lt. Commander of Kyaw Thet Zaw of NgaKura (NagPura) Camp summoned 12 Rohingya elders from the (NgaKura) village. They have been out of contact since them and haven’t returned home yet.
“They are:
1)  Jennah Khan (son of) Faridu, 40
2)  Serajuddin @ Ludaya, 45
3)  Sayad Alom, 59
4)  Shah Alom, 37
5)  Sadiq, 41
6)  Zakir, 56
7)  Jabbar, 60
8)  Osman (son of) Dildar, 43
9)  Ayub, 55
10) Anwar (son of) Yusha 42
11) Yusuf Ali, 65
12) Anwar (son of) Kamal Company, 40″ said a local Rohingya man on the condition of anonymity.

Additionally, five more Rohingya youths have been arrested in ‘NgaKura’ this morning.

Note: the list will be updated.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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By October 19, 2016 16:22

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