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Distribute Dhuafa wallet Sacrifice for Rohingya Refugees

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Distribute Dhuafa wallet Sacrifice for Rohingya Refugees
September 16
09:46 2015

Ahead of Eid al-Adha in 1436, Wallet Dhuafa channel offerings for Rohingya refugees who are in Langsa, Aceh Province. President Wallet Dhuafa, Ahmad Juwaini said, Wallet Dhuafa donation two cows to be sacrificed.

“Wallet Dhuafa helped respond presence of refugees in Langsa derived from the Rohingya. So we intend to deliver the two cows to the refugees,” he said while visiting a refugee at the office of the Social Service Employment Langsa, Tuesday (15/9).

Rohingya refugees, said Juwaini, need to be given help, because they also need to be protected. So that in welcoming the Eid Wallet Dhuafa do things that are expected to ease the burden of the refugees.

Additionally, Wallet Dhuafa has also made other programs in welcoming Idul Adha. Such relief goods such as clothing, hygiene kits, prayer and study learning tools and educational toys children.

“We are hoping for help from Dhuafa Wallet can give encouragement in learning, for children under 16 years of compulsory education. And later we will also provide school books to increase their education,” he said.

Even Wallet Dhuafa will build semi-permanent schools with a model in Langsa, which will begin in October in collaboration with the Government Langsa.

While Social Development Dhuafa Wallet Armi Obi added, in addition to assistance in the form of equipment, there is also the help of several volunteer teachers to teach in the refugee camps.

“We are very grateful to the volunteers who want to teach in this refuge, so that refugee children can gain knowledge,” he said.

While Mayor Langsa Usman Abdullah welcomed the assistance Dhuafa Wallet. According to fellow Muslims must help each other although not in the context of government.

“There is no budget for aid to Rohingya refugees, but I am very happy with the NGO or humanitarian agencies that want to help and be a donor for Rohingya refugees,” he said.

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