Day 5: Updates on the Current situation

By October 13, 2016 12:31

Day 5: Updates on the Current situation

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  • Innocent Rohingya Civilians are forced to flee their homes in the on going atrocities in Maungdaw. Rohingyas are facing vast humanitarian crises and are in need of urgent humanitarian aids. Hacking of RVISION websit to cease the information flow about the current mass killings and atrocities going on in Arakan.

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08:00 AM 13/10/2016: A Rohingya boy was shot to death by the Burmese military early morning, while raiding Kyat Yo Pyin (Kahifarag) village.The village is under raid and attacks by launcher along with other Rohingya villages in Maungdaw.

11:00 PM 13/10/2016:Rohingyas are facing worst humanitarian crises in Arakan especially in Maungdaw Township, where every possible way for surviving are seized by the Burmese military. Atrocities are at its peak, where every villages are raided, civilians arrested arbitrarily and shot randomly.

Due to continuous curfew going on people are starving for daily meal and are in need of urgent humanitarian aids.

Moreover continuous attack and atrocities going on the innocent Rohingya civilians, they are forced to defend themselves, which comes under R2P according to Universal Decleration of Human Rights (UDHR)

12:00 PM 13/10/2016: Since Sunday’s attack on BGP Headquarter RVISION’s Website have been hacked from Nay Pyi Daw several times using specific machine to cease the information flow to the international community about the current atrocities and mass killings going on the innocent Rohingya Civilians. Following are the details of hacking on the RVISION website:

Sunday: x10,000

Monday morning: x5,000 and Evening: x6000

Tuesday: x4,000

Wednesday: x5,000

Today: x9431 even after several protective measures

Despite of their several filthy attempts RVISION restored back and it’s on its continuous journey of revealing true facts, current situation and atrocities going on in ARAKAN

12:30 PM 13/10/2016: Houses are being burnt down by using motor bombs in Kharifarang village, where military are arresting arbitrarily, shooting and killing Rohingyas randomly.
Moreover they are digging landmines on the roads with the intention of causing harm to Rohingyas.

We will keep updating you as the atrocities continue to occur. Please keep watching this space for updates.

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By October 13, 2016 12:31

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