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Conspiracy against Relocation of Rohingya Refugee Camps in Bangladesh

Reported by Najmul ׀ Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh
Written by Saiful Rohin

Some local criminals and their henchmen have started a conspiracy against the relocation of two UNHCR mandate refugee camps: Kutupalong and Nayapara in Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh to a better place, reports say.

A local criminal and thug known as Mv Boktiar (a local and former ward member of Kutupalong village) has been torturing Rohingya refugees since 1992. Now, he has hired some henchmen to protest against the announcement by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to relocate the two registered refugee camps to a standard and better place, according to a refugee.

Upon the announcement, many Media and TV channels have started visiting the refugee camps to seek the opinions of refugees regarding camp shifting. On November 12, at about 2PM, journalists from National Television of Bangladesh and some from Print Media visited Kutupalong refugee camp and interviewed some a few refugees and camp committee members.

A Glimpse on the Plight of Rohingya Refugee in Bangladesh [Photo:]
A Glimpse on the Plight of Rohingya Refugee in Bangladesh [Photo:]

The camp committee Chairman Mr. Sayed Alam said to NTV “we refugees are delighted after hearing the announcement by the PM and firmly eager to be shifted to another safe place as we have been suffering here for more than 2 decades.”

“We have been suffering from various kinds of tortures and our refugee women are raped and general refugees are looted daily by the local thugs on the direction by the criminal Boktiar. At least we may have a safe life and get chance to educate our young generation if we are relocated to another place” he added.

But Mv Boktiar hired some local henchmen and portrayed them as if they are refugees.  And he made them to stand against the plan of camp relocations to depict an image of deception that the (actual) refugees are safe and happy where they are now. They do not want to move to another place. It is to confuse the media and concerned authorities as Mv Boktiar will miss all the opportunities of his income through money extortions from the refugees if the camps are relocated to another place” he continued.

Some 20,000 Rohingya have been registered by UNHCR as refugees, whereas thousands are unregistered yet and have been living under squalid and sub-human condition along the Naff River in Bangladesh. Most of them have become refugees through mass exodus of Rohingyas caused by a brutal operation called ‘Operation Pye Thaya’ by the former military junta in early 1990s.

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