By May 4, 2017 05:43

1- Defamation of Rohingya plight by the state media, or biased reporting by local media that always portrays the victims as criminal and the criminals as victims.

2- Myanmar government has imposed severe censorship on the media in general and Arakan state is a restricted zone for a free press coverage of the incidents happening there, that help them hide their crimes and deceive the world.

3- Lack of media among the Rohingya dedicated to their plight, defends their rights and serves their national interests.

4- Myanmar state media runs campaign against Rohingya and portray the victim as criminal and the criminal as victim when it comes to the question of Rohingya.

5-  Creating a platform for the voiceless people of Rohingya, who are disconnected from media and isolated from the world.

6- There is NO media in Burma revealing military atrocities against Rohingya and their daily situation.

7- Lack a media institution network that can introduce media culture to Rohingya, develop media activities and cooperate with global counterparts.

8- State media and local media have inculcated misconceptions about Islam and Muslims in the minds of Buddhist majority; and misunderstanding about Rohingya, their history, origin and society, and as such have changed their mindset

9- To communicate the dispersed parts of Rohingya people scattered all over the world.

By May 4, 2017 05:43