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Increase your spiritual stability and strive towards a noble cause by sponsoring the world’s first Rohingya TV channel dedicated to the plight of “one of the most persecuted on earth”. It is the only and exclusive source of information and true stories of persecuted Rohingyas that has been long neglected by the world.
Types of Sponsorship: Once | Monthly | Annually

Sponsorship Packages
Daily News: [Rohingya] [Burmese] [Arabic] [English] = RM 100

Religion & Education: [Qur’an & our life] [Shariah & life] = RM 100

Current issues: [Talk Shows] [Documentaries] = RM 150

Culture & Science: [Health & Science] [Language & Culture]
[History & Civilization] [Traditions & customs] = RM 150

Society & Sports: [School & Sports] [Humanitarian]
[Healthcare & Family] [Women & Children] = RM100

{Note: Amount specified is for each sub category}