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Conference on Rohingya Plight: Int’l Figures Call for Tougher Actions against Myanmar

Conference on Rohingya Plight: Int’l Figures Call for Tougher Actions against Myanmar
June 13
01:19 2015

By M.S. Anwar

Kuala Lumpur (Rohingya Vision) – The international conference on the plight on Rohingyas Part II: Crimes against Humanity was successfully convened by the Perdana Global Peace Foundation (PGPF) in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

Several renowned international figures, scholars and researchers called the violence against Rohingyas crimes against humanity and genocide. They further called for taking tougher and effective actions against the Myamar.

During the keynote speech by the President of PGPF and ex-Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir called on expelling Myanmar’s from ASEAN membership if the state continues to keep committing genocide against its people, Rohingyas.

In the speech, Dr. Mahathir said “I was instrumental in persuading ASEAN nations in giving membership to Myanmar despite the bad treatment against Aung San Suu Kyi by the former junta. We hoped that the state would behave good and reform in the future. Now, the Myanmar is committing genocide against its own people. Myanmar doesn’t believe in treating its own minority fairly and justly.

As the Rohingya crisis is posing threats to regional security, the ASEAN nations must reform ASEAN Charter of non-interference policy of its member states. The charter ‘Internal affairs’ can be implemented to an extent only.

The Myanmar should be expelled from ASEAN memberships if it continues to commit genocide against its own people because ASEAN doesn’t allow genocide.”

Conference 2Dr. Abdul Malik Mujahid, Chairman of Burma Task Force and speaker in the conference, said that the crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas are well-documented. It is a text book case of Genocide. Hence, if the heads of the Myanmar state can’t be tried under ICC, they have to be prosecuted in War Crimes Tribunal like the leaders of former Yungoslavia were.

The other following renowned speakers also called for tougher actions against Myanmar’s genocidal regime if it doesn’t stop the crimes against humanity and the genocide.

Dr. Dato Dr Ismail Nor (Altruistic Leadership Centre, Malaysia):
  • There are bad Buddhists and good Buddhists in Myanmar. Not all Buddhists in Myanmar are bad.
  • Wirathu, the leader of 969 Movement, should feel ashamed for spreading hatred and giving bad named to the Buddhism.
  • Myanmar state practices Institutionalized Islam-phobia in the country.
  • The heads of the Myanmar should be tried under ICC for harming national security of regional countries by exporting trans-border crimes.
Mr. Matthew Smith (Executive Director, Fortify Rights)
  • International investigations are necessary to document the crimes against humanity against the Rohingya.
  • More root causes leading to the exodus of Rohingyas and facilitating human trafficking are forced labours, portering and tortures.
  • The officials in the government of Myanmar are also complicit with human traffickers and higher officials are well aware of the human trafficker as the government wants to expel the Rohingya people.
Mr. Jason Kay, Lawyer from Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War
  • Rohingya is neither a Muslim issue nor an issue of ASEAN but a concern of humanity.
  • Burmese officials have institutionally racist mentality.
  • Not recognizing the identity of the Rohingyas is a pure case of bullying of a minority by the majority. If Myanmar doesn’t recognize ‘Rohingya,’ let’s keep calling the state ‘Burma’ instead of ‘Myanmar.’
Mr. Mohammed Noor, Managing Director of Rohingya Vision TV
  • The crisis in Arakan is neither communal violence nor ethnic clash but the state-sponsored violence and one-sided attack against the Rohingya.
  • The Myanmar government should be boycotted and the diplomatic ties should be cut off with the state. Tougher sanctions must be put against the government. The government should be pressured and the strong actions must be taken against it because the decision making in their hands.
  • They have been persecuted in many different ways on account of their religion, racial origin, for their land, the resources beneath their land and geographically strategic location of Arakan state.
  • Myanmar’s government has successfully manipulated the domestic media and the internationally. The international media simply quote the official figures of Myanmar’s regime that arse full of lies.

Many other international figures and scholars called the violence against Rohingya crimes against humanity and genocide.

Final Resolution from the conference is attached below.

Press Release after the Conference is as attached below. 

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