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Child Bitten by Infected Dog Dies from Lack of Medical Treatment

By RVision Correspondent | January 28, 2017

Maungdaw – A Rohingya girl child bit by an infected dog died in southern Maungdaw on Wednesday (Jan 25) due to deprivation of access to medical treatments, a local source has reported.

The deceased child is identified as the 6-year-old daughter of U Abdul Hakim, a local of the village of ‘Chein Khali’ in southern Maungdaw. She was among the three children bitten by an apparently rabies-infected dog at ‘the Rescue Center’ in the village in November 2016.

“The parents of the children tried their best to give them (the children) vaccines in order to prevent viral diseases developing in them due to bites by the dog. However, our travel was severely restricted in November and there was no medical facilities around a rural village like Shil Hali (Chein Khali). So, they couldn’t give the children any vaccine,” said a local of the village, speaking to Rohingya Vision TV.

U Abdul Hakim took his girl-child to the MSF Clinic in the village of ‘Inn Din (Aan Daang)’ on January 23 as she seriously fell ill. The MSF clinic transferred the child to the Maungdaw General Hospital afterwards.

The Maungdaw Hospital discharged the child stating that she reached at the last stage of the rabies infections. The girl passed away at around 4:00 AM on Wednesday.

Other two children bitten by the infected dog are still under the cares of the MSF Clinic in ‘Inn Din.’

The Myanmar authorities have severed the travel restriction on the Rohingya people even more since the military offensives on the civilians in northern Maungdaw began on October 9, 2016, depriving the local Rohingyas of access to medical treatments and other basic access to their livelihoods.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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