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Burmese Regime Continued Shooting on the Rohingya Civilians

By Rohingya Vision TV |16th October 2017

Maungdaw: Burmese Military shot 2 Rohingya in Medi village of Tongbru sub-township, leaving one critically injured on 15th October, 2017, reports our correspondents.

2 Rohingya youths who fled the recent Military atrocities along with their family were sheltering in the make shift Baluhali camp in the Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh. Due to the harsh living condition and lack of humanitarian aid, they decided to go back to their home in Arakan and bring some immediate household needs from the Kyanug Maung Village of Maungdaw Township.

The 2 Rohingya youths while returning back to Bangladesh took refuge at night in a house of a Rohingya in Medi village, Tongbru sub-township. The next morning while continuing their journey they were caught by the military on their way and were shot by them. Shooting left one of the Rohingya critically injured and other Rohingya boy is still missing, who ran in the jungle after the military firing.

Following the incidence the critically injured Rohingya in lingering situation was rescued by the local Rohingyas and there he narrated the brutal incidence and is extremely worried for the missing boy. Locals and the rescued Rohingya fear of his death as he ran after being shot by the Military.

Shooting on daily basis and evacuating Rohingya villages have created a situation of panic in the region, where thousands are lingering in trapped situation in the hand of this brutal regime.

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