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Burmese Regime Assaults Rohingya Farmers and Cattlemen

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 1st December 2017

Buthidaung: A couple of farming labors and a cattlemen were assaulted inhumanely in Mingisi (Myi Gaung Sey) village track of Buthidaung Township on 29th November 2017, reports suffering locals.

Military from the battalion no. 552 in collaboration with a sycophant named to be Hamid Hussain looted the houses of evacuated Rohingyas in Bo Gyi vllage of Mingisi (Myi Gaung Sey) village track shamelessly, whom were forced to their houses and land in the ongoing persecution in the region.

In the same village military from the same battalion with the information provided by Hamid called an innocent Rohingya cattlemen in their camp and assaulted him to such an inhumane extent and snatched all the cattle from him. Even after robbing the greedy military personnel threatened him and extorted 250, 00 Kyats over his release.

The cattlemen was identified to be Kalimullah, who was in charge for rearing the cattle of his relatives. And now robbing them by the military made him fell in great misery as he had to lose his relatives valuable cattle along with the little remaining cash he had.

Assaulting farmers, fishermen and cattlemen is a rooted genocidal tool and it’s been persisted on Rohingyas from last 70 years, where Rohingyas sees no sign of hope as the world bodies turned back their faces despite of knowing the truth.

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