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Burma’s Buddhist Extremists Ban Muslims from Praying in Religious Schools

Buddhist extremists wearing dresses with the signs of 969 Religious Terror Group and Neo-Nazi MaBaTha Group Stop Muslims from Offering Prayers in Religious Schools (Photo: Moe Lone Hein/MMM)

Burma’s Buddhist Extremists Ban Muslims from Praying in Religious Schools
October 21
01:59 2015

By Aung Aung

Rangoon, Burma (Rohingya Vision) – The Government-Backed Buddhist extremists in Burma (Myanmar) backed banned the Muslims in Rangoon from offering prayers in a number of religious schools at ‘Thakedaa Township’ in the capital city yesterday.

The Buddhists forced the chairmen of the respective religious schools to sign on a paper agreeing that there will be ‘No Offerinsg of Prayers’ in the schools at any time other than just conducting lessons. And if anyone is ever found offering prayer in the schools, they will be charged and punished under the respective sections and laws.

More than 100 Buddhist extremists wearing dresses with the signs of 969 Religious Terror Group, Neo-Nazi MaBaTha (Defence League for Protection of Religious and Race) gathered and other extremists surrounded the administration office of Thakedaa Township while the authorities were in a discussion with the representatives of the schools. They started to demand and force the township authorities to close the down the schools accusing that the local Muslims offer prayers in the schools.

At the end, the chairmen of the religious schools were pressured and forced by the Neo-Nazi Buddhist extremists and the authorities to sign an agreement that no one would offer prayers in the schools ever again. The agreement was signed before:

  • The Chairman (a Buddhist) of All Religions Unity Party
  • The Administrator of Thakedaa Township
  • The Chariman of the Township Religious Council

“This (the ban) is something which is clearly demonstrating that we don’t even have the freedom of worship or faith here let alone enjoying other basic human rights,” said a Muslim in Rangoon.

force muslims

In the agreement, Muslims forced to sign an agreement not to offer prayers

The think-tanks in Rangoon and the local Muslims view the ban on the Muslim prayers in the schools is an attempt (by the government-backed extremist monks led by Abbot Wirathu and Abbot Sitagu and their followers of the racist groups like ‘969 and MaBaTha’) to stoke  a religious conflict ahead of the country’s much-anticipated upcoming election on November 8. It’s a government attempt to gain the votes of the majority Buddhist population against the National League for Democracy (NLD) by distracting the people from the core political issues by creating racial and religious conflicts.

A country-wide violence or disability in major parts of the country ahead of or during the election will also allow the Military by 2008 Constitution to lead a coup d’état if the military-backed President’s Thein Sein’s USDP (Union Development and Solidarity Party) lose in the election.  

Note: Also Quoted MMM (Myanmar Muslim Media)

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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