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Breaking News: Rakhine Extremists Terrorizing Kamans in Than Dway

Breaking News: Rakhine Extremists Terrorizing Kamans in Than Dway
June 30
15:32 2013

June 30, 2013

Than Dway, Arakan– Starting at 2PM today (i.e. 30th June 2013), Rakhine terrorists (apparently members of 969) have been terrorizing Kamans in the village of An-Taw, Than Dway (Sada) Township. Till date, six houses, a Motor Vehicle Stop by the Bridge of An-Taw and Two Express Buses belong to Kamanss have been reportedly got destroyed. The An-Taw village is still under the threats of Rakhine extremists in the township.

A local of Than Dwe Township reported “this afternoon, one local Kaman passing by the village of An-Taw on his motorcycle was stopped and severely beaten by some Rakhine terrorists for unknown reasons. A while afterwards, many Rakhine hooligans gathered and spread wrong information that he was beaten because he had tried to express his love to Rakhine girl (through shaking hands). And this is absolutely false.

Subsequently, they have destroyed six Kaman houses, a car gate and two Express Buses owned by Kamans as well. They had been blocking the houses of Rohingyas in the village until a while ago. The crowd of Rakhine hooligans have just dispersed as Curfew Order (under Section 144) had declared. Military have arrived.”

“However, Kamans are extremely worried and feared of the possible violence against them. Rakhine terrorists might make a comeback because the Than Dwe authority is made of their own people and most of the time, Curfew Order is imposed to prevent Muslims from defending for their lives” he expressed their fears.


-Even under the imposition of curfew, Rakhine terrorists resumes torching of Muslims’ houses.

-Military, in charge of the security, are doing nothing to prevent the torching of Muslims’houses.

– Five Muslims’ houses were burnt down as  Rakhine terrorist have resorted to torching.

-So, in total, till now, there have 11 Muslims’ houses been vandalized.

Than Dwe Tsp, Arakan (Credit: Google Map)

Than Dwe Tsp, Arakan (Credit: Google Map)

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