Breaking News: Rakhine Extremists Gather to Attack Rohingya Villages

By November 5, 2015 03:47

Breaking News: Rakhine Extremists Gather to Attack Rohingya Villages

By Saeed Arakani

Kyauktaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – Hundreds of Rakhine Buddhist extremists are gathering around Rohingya villages in Kyauktaw Township since yesterday evening, the local sources report.

The local Rohingya minority fear that the Rakhine extremists will launch attacks on them any time soon by taking advantage of the vulnerable situation in the country ahead of the country’s upcoming election on Novmeber 8. Therefore, they are not sleeping at night and guarding their respective villages with the available means.

“The situation is really horrible. We fear of the violence against us again. Also because the Burmese armed forces back them in attacking us,” said a worried local Rohingya.

The situation has been taking place taking place as follows.

#1 Hundreds of Rakhine extremists have been gathering in a Rakhine village called ‘Nagara’ since 8:30PM (Myanmar Time) tonight. The fears of the Rohingyas in the nearby village called ‘Kaung Douk (Hondol) grow!

#2 Hundreds of Rakhine extremists have gathered in ‘Nat Taung’ Rakhine village and are almost ready to attack ‘Yadana Bon (Nairong)’ Rohingya village, according to the reports at 11:30PM, November 4.

#3 ‘Thae Dar Kadi (Siddir Kul)’ is the only Rohingya village amidst the Rakhine villages in ‘Punna Gyun’ Township. The village is located nearby the edge of Kyauktaw Township. The Rakhine extremists have started gathering around the village since 10:30PM on November 4.

According to the latest reports at 12:15PM, around 200 armed with swords and sticks seiged the village. The Rohingya villagers are guarding the village without sleeping.

There is no sign of Burmese authorities showing up to protect the innocent people and prevent the situation getting worse.

UPDATES by Mr. Naim from Kyauktaw (5:30 AM Myanmar Time):

#4 Rakhine leaders in Kyauktaw threatened Rohingyas yesterday that they would launch attacks on ‘Yadana Bon’ and ‘Kaung Douk.’ However, as of now (it’s the time of Day-Break in Kyauktaw), there has not been any attack on the Rohingya villages yet.

5# Hundreds of Rakhine extremists continue to stay gathered in ‘Nagara’ Rakhine villages with lethal and dangerous weapons. The Rohingyas are not sure when the Rakhine extremists start to attack. Meantime, the local Rohingyas are trying to avoid the problems with Rakhines and stay calm. However, the situation continues to be extremely tensed.

6# There is a Rakhine village called ‘Myauk Taung’ to the east of ‘Yadana Bon’ Rohingya village. Hundreds of Rakhines have gathered there since last two days. They are still there.

However some other Rohingya villages like ‘Pidin and Kadir Fara’ are still in peaceful condition.

UPDATE by Saeed Arakani:

# 7 Rohingya leaders reported to the Military Camp in ‘Sanga Daung’ village about the gatherings of the Rakhine extremists. So, the military arrived in ‘Nat Taung’ Rakhine village to see the situation. Rakhine extremists left their place in the village around 12:30AM (Myanmar Time). For the time being, the numbers of the people decreased for the time being.

Update on Sidirkul (Thae Dar Kadi) village, Punna Gyun Township (7:00AM Myanmar Time):

The extremist mob withdrew their positions around ‘Thae Dar Kadi’ village at around 3:45AM (Myanmar Time). The extremists were almost confronted with the villagers and left ultimately as the Rohingya villagers were also up to face them (the extremists) to save their lives.

“They brought dangerous weapons, sticks, swords, daggers, spears and maybe even guns. But we were also trying to defend our lives with whatever means we have; with iron rods and knives etc. They used many torch lights to frighten us. We did the same.

At the end, they left at around 3:45AM. We don’t know they will come to attack us again,” said a villager.


Stay with us for more updates!

As the national election is looming around the corner, Rakhine extremists backed by Rakhine political groups and the Rakhine militants based outside the country are trying to destabilize the region by targeting the helpless Rohingyas.

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[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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By November 5, 2015 03:47

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