Breaking News: Military Raids Accelerates in Entire Maungdaw

By June 9, 2017 17:51

Breaking News: Military Raids Accelerates in Entire Maungdaw

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  • Gyi Kan Pyan (Hawarbil) village of Northern Maungdaw. Image by: RVision TV

By RVision TV | 9th June 2017

MAUNGDAW: Military raided the entire region of Maungdaw like east hamlet of Godu Sawra village, and Gyi Kan Pyan (Hawar bil) village of northern Maungdaw township, where they arrested and tortured Rohingyas from 8th – 9th June 2017.

In the first incidence Myanmar Polices and including other armed forces raided to east hamlet of Godu Sawra village on 8th June where, they arrested 3 innocent Rohingya and tortured them for the whole day. Later they were released  by leaving them in critical health condition in the evening.

Moreover in the raid they destroyed 4 Rohingya houses arbitrarily. Victimized owner of the houses are identified to be:

(1)  Abdul La s/o Hala Huson

(2) Abdul Habes s/o Mozi Ulla

(3) Kobir Ahmad s/o Zawkori

(4) Elius s/o Zawkori

Today’s updates confirms the continuation of the raid in the same village, where they destroyed more 2 Rohingya houses, leaving them in fear. Destroyed houses are identified to be owned by:

(1)  Zawmu s/o Abdu Salam

(2) Abdu Hanan s/o Hason

In another separate incidence at 6:20 AM on 8th June , around 50 militaries raided and bounded the village of Gyi Kan Pyan (Hawar bil) village of northern Maungdaw.

Later at 2:20PM, a Rohingya named to be Zawmil (27) was arrested and detained in the Head Quarter of Gyi Kan Pyan village. Arbitrary arrest, torture and detention have left the Rohingyas in fear and threat to live in their own ancestral land “Arakan”.

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By June 9, 2017 17:51

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