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Fires Damage Five Rohingya Homes in Maungdaw


Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — Five Rohingya homes in Maungdaw Township burned to the ground resulting from an accidental fire tonight, a local said.

The fire took place at Kyikan Pyin village also known as Khawar Bil around 10:00PM yesterday.

“The fire started from a kitchen of a Rohingya house tonight (around 10:00PM yesterday). Then, it spread to other houses. As usual, the Fire Brigade didn’t arrive to in time to extinguish the fire since burning homes were Rohingya homes. Consequently, five to six homes got burnt to ashes” said a Rohingya in a nearby village.

“We don’t think anyone torched the homes. It is highly likely to be an accidental fire” he added.

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