Border Guard Police Shoot Young Rohingya Man to Death

By December 8, 2015 13:34

Border Guard Police Shoot Young Rohingya Man to Death

By Rohingya Vision Correspondent

Buthidaung, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – The Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) shot a young Rohingya man to death in Maungdaw Township last night, according to the local reliable sources.

The victim is identified to be Musaa @Maung Maung (son of) Master Abul Kalam, 25, hails from Quarter 4, Buthidaung Township. He was shot down by the BGP at ‘Pha Wat Chaung (Fau Khali)’ village’s Check-post in northern Maungdaw around 10:00PM last night.

“It was around 10:00PM last night he was on his way back to Buthidaung from northern Maungdaw.  He was coming by a mini-van driven by a Rakhine (Magh) man, reportedly a friend/business partner of his. There were other four Rakhines on the van as well.

The BGP at the ‘Pha Wat Chaung (Fau Khali)’ village’s Check-post in northern Maungdaw asked the van to stop. The van driver stopped it.

A BGP staff was apparently demanding money from the Rakhine driver. The driver was refusing it.

Suddenly, there was a gun-shot. When we saw towards there, the bullet straightly hit on the head of the young Rohingya and he fell down on the spot. We don’t know anything else after that,” said an eyewitness.

It has been learnt the Rakhine van-driver and other Rakhines on the van have later gone into hiding/ been arrested by the BGP at the check-post .

The BGP said that it was an accidental firing during the check-up of the van that killed the person.

However, the victim’s relatives feel that the BGP wantonly shot the Rohingya youth at the point-blank-range to rob his money. According to them, he was coming back with money after having done a trade deal in ‘Kyein-Chaung (Boli Bazaar) village in northern Maungdaw.

Maung Maung 2

Musaa @Maung Maung, 25, before he was killed by Myanmar’s Border Guard Police. (Photo: Rohingya Vision)

“He had around more than 10 Million Kyats with him as he was coming back. He phoned his parents before he left from Boli Bazaar around 8:00PM yesterday. So, the BGP killed him for his money,” said one of his relatives.

After that, the victim was later admitted to Maungdaw General Hospital where he died around 4:00AM today. Having done the post-mortem, his family was informed of his death.

The body wad transferred to the family members in Buthidaung around 9:00AM today.

The in-charge of the BGP check-post located at the Rakhine Natala hamlet of ‘Pha Wat Chaung’ village tract is Sergeant Than Zaw.

Since recently, there has been escalation of killings of innocent Rohingya people, either by Rakhine extremists or the armed forces, all over the Arakan state. This has been the latest incident.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

Note: Different Statements are coming in on how he was killed. So, stay with us for the final version. 

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By December 8, 2015 13:34

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