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Border Guard Police Extort Money from Innocent Rohingyas

By MYARF ׀ Rohingya Vision

Maungdaw, Arakan State — Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) has extorted money from at least three innocent Rohingyas in southern Maungdaw recently, a local said.

The victims of the money extortions hail from Thinbaw Kway village also known as Kullon in southern Maungdaw Township. The money extorters, the Border Guard Police, belong to the BGP Post located by the village’s bridge.

“There is a BGP sentry post by the bridge in Thinbaw Kway village in southern Maungdaw. Some BGP personnel raided the home of Kalam (son of) Shuna Ali, 35, last Saturday evening. They searched his home thoroughly. Nothing illegal was found. Yet, Kalam was arbitrarily arrested and detained in their camp. Then, he was accused of performing marriage without their permission.

At the end, the police released him having extorted Kyat 170,000 from him” said a local Rohingya in the region.

Similarly, the BGP extorted money from other few Rohingyas on the following days.

“Mohammed Salam (son of) Abdul Amin, 35, and Noor Alam (son of) Abdu Salam, 37 are two local Rohingya fishermen from the village. While they were on their way back home by their boat on Tuesday, the BGP from the post stopped them. Then, BGP extorted Kyat 250,000 from the fishermen saying that they were able to catch a lot of fishes.

On Wednesday, they again extorted Kyat 10,000 from Rahimullah (son of) Sirazu, 23, accusing him of involving in human trafficking.

Sayed Hussein, the village administrator; Nezam (son of) Ajul Hussein, the father of the village administrator; Manaf (son of) Khalaya, 10-household-head; and Fayazu (son of) Nazir, 10-household head, work as the collaborators for the Border Guard Police at the post” he added.

Since the BGP replaced the NaSaKa, the former notorious Border Security Force, in July 2013, it has increasingly involved in the arbitrary arrests and extra-judicial killing of innocent Rohingyas; and extorting money from them. These are some latest cases of the money extortions from the Rohingya people by the Border Guard Police.

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