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Border Guard Police Arrest More Innocent Rohingyas

By AH Maung & MYARF

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — The Myanmar Border Guard Police arbitrarily arrested at least four Rohingyas including a religious scholar in different parts of Maungdaw Township on Monday night, say the locals.

The religious scholar named Mv Mohammed Haroon, 35, hails from Duchiradan village in southern Maungdaw, whereas the other three Rohingyas hail from Kwanthi Pin village under Taung-pyo sub-township, northern Maungdaw.

“The Border Guard Police raided Duchiradan (locally known as Kilaidaung) around 11:00PM on Monday. And they arrested a religious scholar called Mv Mohammed Haroon Fazal Ahmed of age 35. He is from Morong-Or-Dael hamlet of Duchiradan.

The BGP tortured him and forced him to say that he had connection with RSO (which experts claim to be non-existent).

Besides, the BGP took his picture by forcing him hold a gun in his hand.

Now, he has been taken to Buthidaung prison for remand. According to the sources, the authority will give him a trial period from December 18 onward and hence forth, he will be transferred to the Maungdaw police station.

The accusation against him is totally false and made-up” said a villager.

“They arrested one more Rohingya named Abul Hussein, 45, in the village. But they released him after extorting Kyat 300,000 from him” he added.

The other three innocent Rohingyas were arrested by the BGP from ‘Chaung Wa’ camp located at the mouth of Naff River and by the Kwanthi Pin village around 8:00PM on the same day. They are said to have been being tortured severely in Taung Pyo BGP headquarter since then.

A local witness recounted how the tragic event took place.

“The BGP personnel from Chaung Wa’ camp always goes out to the Naff River and arrest the Rohingya fishermen fishing in the river. Then, they beat and extort money from them. Moreover, they take some Rohingyas as forced labour to row or sail the boats.

On Monday evening, they set off to the river as usual to find victims and carry on their money extortion business. But they intentionally or unintentionally tried to capture three Bangladeshi fishing there.

The Bangladeshi nationals fought back. And so, the boat of the BGP got overturned and they started drowning. But the three Rohingya fishermen Kamal Uddin, Sayedul Islam and one more person fishing nearby saved the police from the possible deaths.

Now, the tragic turn is that under the direction by the commander of the Chaung Wa’ camp, the people that saved the BGP personnel from drowning were accused of plotting to kill them.

Hence, they were subsequently transferred to the BGP headquarter and have been being severely tortured since then.”

“Besides, the BGP started their village Kwanthi Pin (Kwan Si Baung) and arresting innocent people. The situation is really worrisome” he continued.

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