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BGP Forcefully Extorted 360, 0000 from 12 Rohingyas

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 23rd December 2017

Buthidaung: Border Guard Police (BGP) extorted 360, 0000 Kyats from 12 innocent Rohingyas by calling them in their camp in Buthidaung Township on 21st December 2017, report sources.

Border Guard Police (BGP) in Taungbaazar called 12 Rohingya from Mingisi (Mee Chaung Sey) village track and after they reached their camp, BGP took their pictures and were arrested in Fatiyafar village on baseless allegations on 18th December 2017.

The next day they were taken to main camp in Taungbazar, where they had to meet the sectarian officer as well. There they also saw the village admin of their village who was also arrested earlier by them. In order to free themselves from further torture and abuse they had to pay 360, 0000 Kyat to the Border Guard Police (BGP).

Along with extortion of money they forced all 13 of them to sign on a paper that quotes that no money was extorted from them by any governmental officers.

Most of the villages in Northern part of Buthidaung have been evacuated since late August 2017 and now remaining Rohingyas are targeted on daily basis with these type of harassment and persecution.

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