BGP Arbitrarily Seizing Rohingyas’ Motor Vehicles in Sittwe

By August 5, 2016 17:00

BGP Arbitrarily Seizing Rohingyas’ Motor Vehicles in Sittwe

Akkyab(Sittwe):Border Guard Police (BGP) are arbitrarily seizing the motorcycles and trishaws of the Arakanese Rohingya people in Akkyab(Sittwe), one of the locals reported.

Yesterday, some police went to Thei Chuang Bazar at around 2 in the afternoon and started harassing Rohingya people. Then they seized personal motorcycles and trishaws of poor Rohingyas without any reason.

All the trishaw-pullers are those who earn their breads by pulling trishaws from dawn to dusk. Some owners of the vehicles were out of temper on discriminatory treatment of the police and stood up against them.

As a result, the police have become outrageous and started spreading panic all over the area by arresting people for which Rohingyas are confined in the houses, he added.

Edited by: M. Shuaib

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By August 5, 2016 17:00

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