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Authority Arrest and Torture Innocent Rohingyas in Rathedaung Daily

By RTD News

Rathedaung, Arakan (Rohingya Vision) — At least 7 people were arrested recently including a village headman over the blatant allegation of helping the 4 victims that had earlier escaped from detention in Auk-Neyak (Razarbill), Rathedaung Township, according to reliable sources.

The arrested victims were identified as 1. Mohd Amin s/o U Bosho 40 (Headman of the village)

  1. Ismail s/o U zakari 35
  2. Ismail Minor son 16
  3. Futikka s/o Abdu salam 20
  4. Aman Ullah s/o Filali 44
  5. Rahmat Ulah s/o Filali 45
  6. Mv Nabi Hussain s/o U Taher 32 (An Imam of the Mosque)

All hail from Auk-Neyak (Razarbill village of Rathedaung Township and all the villagers are in fear of arrest and inhuman torture.

On February 8 2015, 7 innocent Rohingyas were arrested from same village over the allegations of refusing to participate in the census re-enumeration process, while many other villagers were also tortured then.

Of them, two persons were released and one of them named Boni Amin son of Ayub 22 was jailed for five years.

Other four people — Mv. Yousuf Jalal son of Sayed Ahmed 52, Mv Mohd Ali son of Hafez Ahmed 42, Iman Hussain son of Furuk Ahmed 42, Abdu Salam son of Sultan 48, were severely tortured in the Custody till 22nd March 2015.

They came to know they will be jailed on 24th March 2015 by the source of the BGP commander. Hence, they managed to escape from the detention to avoid the arbitrary jail term on 22nd March midnight. Having had many troubles on the way, they finally reached to Bangladesh according to the latest information received.

On the other hand, 7 BGP personnel were held guilty for the escape of the detainees and subsequently ordered to be suspended. But the BGP pleaded for one-month-time before taking action against them and said they would arrest the detainees that had fled.

Now, in the village, some of the puppets of the authority provided a list of some innocent villagers to the authority alleging them helping the escapees with food and still in touch with them.

But the escaped victims have reached Bangladesh; our sources confirmed talking to them by telephone. Therefore, the Border Guard Police is baselessly alleging the innocent people of giving shelter to them and subsequently torturing them.

The fearful villagers would like to request all the concerned authority and individuals to helping them though true information of the escapees to the authority and to stop further harassment on the innocent villagers.

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