Authorities plan to demolish remaining houses in Maungdaw amid promises of rehabilitation

By October 23, 2017 19:13

Authorities plan to demolish remaining houses in Maungdaw amid promises of rehabilitation

Maungdaw: Maungdaw local authorities are fabricating false pretexts to demolish remaining Rohingya homes in the areas immediately surrounding the downtown, who are conducting a field survey of housed located in southern quarter of Myoma and have listed 45 houses in Bo Hmuu village accusing that they were constructed on farmlands.

Though the houses were built with the permission of local authority under strict construction law and restriction imposed on Rohingyas for more than a decade, the current authorities of Border Guard Police and Immigration are conducting such activities in order to disturb the stability of safe villages, according to locals.

“Since NaSaKa regional order of 90s, no new house has been allowed to build, and even to repair an old house, one was required to follow a long strict procedure.” says local, adding “the pretext of construction on farmlands is a fabricated pretext to force the remaining Rohingyas out.”

Maungdaw Myoma Southern Quarter, Si Kyaw hamlet of Bo Hmuu village is a poor village and was still safe from the ongoing anti-Rohingya violence. However, the authorities and Rakhine militias are targeting such villages to hit afresh by any means.

Mohammad Y., a victim of this evil propaganda says that his home is not on unauthorized location. He has permission from the village administration. But his home is included in the list.

According to observers, local authorities are targeting remaining Rohingya to hit them in a smart way so that they may leave their home, village and finally the country. This is the difference between word and action of the Myanmar government, or the difference between actual ground situation and on-screen promises of rehabilitation by the government.



By October 23, 2017 19:13

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