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Authorities Blazed Rohingya Houses and Mosques in Tongbru

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 26th December 2017

Tongbru: Authorities have raged fire on Rohingya homes and Mosque (Masjids) in Rohingya area of Tongbru sub-township in Maungdaw Township on 25th Decemmber 2017, report sources.

Since early morning a joint of mixed governmental Authorities along with extremists Rakhines (Moghs) have blazed few Rohingya houses along with Mosques in the area of Laweda (Zero point) of Tongbru Sub-Township.

Moreover along with blazing they started to loot Mosques’ and home furniture as well. In some houses they also looted rations like rice, chili, potato, etc which Rohingya kept in their stock for the whole year.

Authorities Fire and looting have created an ambience of fear among the whole region and details of the fire casualties and amount of looted goods are yet unknown.

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