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Arrests and Tortures of Rohingyas by Myanmar’s Military for Ransom


Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — The cases of arbitrary arrests and tortures by Myanmar’s military against Rohingyas for money extortion have been increasing alarmingly in northern Maungdaw Township, the local sources report.

Some military personnel arbitrarily arrested a few innocent Rohingyas recently in Kyuak Pyein Seik village last Thursday on pretext of using Bangla phones. The military tortured the people severely until the people became ready to pay the ransom that the military demanded.

“Around two military personnel in civil dress arrived at Kyauk Pyein Seik village in northern Maungdaw around 5:00PM on December 18. The military arrested two Rohingya youths listening songs with their mobile phone sets without SIM cards. They are: 1) Abdur Razak (son of) Fazal Ahmed, 25 and Saddam Hussein (son of) Ali Ahmed, 22.

They were taken to their military camp located Commandment Region (နယ္ေျမ) 6. They were beaten severely and forced to pay Kyat 600,000 for their releases. Since they were poor people, they were unable to manage that money.

Therefore, their villagers raised funds and paid Kyat 450,000 to the military. But the victims were released around 9:00AM yesterday only after the payment of the remaining ransom amount Kyat 150,000.

Similarly, at the same night, the two military personnel arrived together with five others; and the village administrator, Kalimullah (son of) Abdur Razak, 35, and his best man, Salimullah (son of) Shukkor, 35, raided the village again. They arrested five under-age teenagers taking care of their harvested rice at night. They were detained in their camp all night.

The next morning, they were released after the extortion of Kyat 100,000 from each of them. They are:

  • Khairul Amin (son of) Amir Hamza, 18
  • Hurshid Ullah (son of) Dholu Hussein, 17
  • Rahmat Ullah (son of) Mohammed Salam, 17
  • Shaidullah (son of) Zafar Hussein, 18
  • Hussein Ahmed (son of) Abdullah, 17

But they said they were not tortured by the military in the detention” said a local Rohingya in the region.

Moreover, it has been reported that the Myanmar military based at Ngakura village in northern Maungdaw harass and torture Rohingya passers-by on daily basis.

“There is a government primary school by a GE Expressway to the north of Haim-Fara hamlet of Ngakura (Nagpura) village tract in northern Maungdaw Township. And there is a military base encamped at the school.

The military from the camp always stop Rohingya passers-by every day and take them into their camps. They are harassed. Then, the military accuse of them of using Bangla Phones by inserting Bangla SIMs into the Myanmar GSM phones belonging to the Rohingyas. They beat and torture the people to extort money from them.

By this means, they extorted:

  • Kyat 30,000 from Salim from Nagkura village on December 15
  • Kyat 25,000 from Zakir from Ngakura village on December 17

It is happening daily” said a villager asking not to be named.

The atrocities are not only committed by the military but also by the Border Guard Police (BGP). These kinds of atrocities against Rohingyas have been going for decades and escalated after 2012 violence to decrease their population in the country. It finally causes Rohingyas to flee Arakan to escape persecution most of whom end up in the hands of the human traffickers. This is an ethnic cleansing committed by the Myanmar’s regime with impunity.

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