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Arrests and Raids Intensifies in Northern Arakan

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents & Rohingya Eye| 10th January 2019

Arakan: Three military vehicles were spotted at Maungdaw Township yesterday and once again a Rohingya was arrested by Burmese Police in Buthidaung Township last week, suffering locals reported.

Last night at 9:00 PM, three military vehicles were seen patrolling the Maungdaw Township and locals reported in fear of any torture and abuse, which are very common in raids.

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Fortunately, nothing abusive was reported and the vehicles went back after a while of conducting illegal checks on the main roads.

Earlier last week, a Rohingya from Young Chaung village tract was arrested for filing a case against money extortion on the village admins.

The village admin demanded a huge sum of money from the victim and he denied the illegal activity and filed a report against the money extortion to Young Chaung police.

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After the village admins came to know about his report, they told the police to arrest him as they also collaborate with the village admins in illegal and abusive activities on the Rohingya.

The victim was identified to be Kader Hussain, 50, hailing from the same village.

Arrest, money extortion, and raids have intensified furthermore on the remaining Rohingya in northern Arakan, after forcing a population of more than 1. 3 million to neighbor Bangladesh since 2016 under the label of “Clearance – Operation”.

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