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An Army Commander Tortured 4 Rohingya Cowherds to Extort Money in Maungdaw

An Army Commander Tortured 4 Rohingya Cowherds to Extort Money in Maungdaw
August 11
17:49 2016

Maungdaw-An army commander summoned four poor Rohingya cowherds grazing cows in the field and started torturing them brutally on a false accuse to extort money in Maungdaw, Arakan according to our correspondent.

The commander sent one of his informers named Maung Zaw, son of Ummot Ali, living in Modina village for calling in the four cowherds from the field who are the natives of Hadifara on Monday, 9 August. When they arrived at the camp, the commander thrashed them on false accuse of stealing the head of a tube-well and then poured water over their heads for about 4 to 5 hours.

Actually, the head of the tube-well was hidden by the soldiers in the camp so that they could plot against Rohingya people to extort money. However, the alleged four cowboys were compelled to give 400 thousands Kyats ($ 350) at the hand of the commander and got release.

The followings are the victims:

  1. Robi Ullah, aged 12, son of Madullah,
  2. Haroon Rashid, aged 9, son of Madullah,
  3. Shofikur Rahman, aged 9, son of Hashim and the other one is son of Abul Huson, 12 years old, whose name has been unknown yet.

The aforesaid commander along with his informer Maung Zaw has been doing so many illegal money extortion from the Rohingya people in this area and earned illegally over 5 million Kyats. So, his torture and harassment have become intolerable to the villagers.

Although the commander continually extorts money, tortures and harasses Rohingya people, the new government has not taken any action against him yet.

Edited by: M. Shuaib

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