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Armed Rohingya refugees Skills To Self

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Armed Rohingya refugees Skills To Self
July 29
18:35 2015

LHOKSEUMAWE – Hundreds of persecuted Rohingya, which are accommodated in the village of Blang Adoe, North Aceh District, in order to be empowered with skills, so that they can be independent.

Program Officer Adovokasi and Documentation Foundation Geutanyoe Zulfadli pegungsi Kawom the Rohingya must be done in order to empower them to be more independent.

“Stages of emergency is over, now they should be given training in order to be more independent, suppose given skills training fished and crafts,” said Zulfadli, Wednesday (29/7).

If the training is done, then the Rohingya s will slowly be independent and get their opinion or their own income, so that it can be used to survive while in shelters.

According to him, if the skill training is not done then it could result in social jealousy for the surrounding community, what are very many parties who provide assistance to them.

“We asked the parties to address the issue of Rohingyas, are given training so that they can be independent and do not be too dependency,” said Zulfadli.

In case of social jealousy then it will definitely be spawned numerous conflicts with local communities, before it happens, the better dammed from now.

“Let’s see now, they were to eat only to be provided. It should be for the affairs of cooking can be done by each of them and around the shelters should be used as a farm and not created dependency,” said Zulfadli.

Communities around the shelter of the boat people should also be considered, so as not to trigger conflicts between the members.

Each is made at the shelter, also must affect the surrounding communities, such as clean water supply program, the community must also feel, he said.

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