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Arbitrary Arrests of Rohingyas and Money Extortion Escalate in Maung Daw

Arbitrary Arrests of Rohingyas and Money Extortion Escalate in Maung Daw
September 05
16:20 2013

M.S. Anwar |RvisionTV

September 6, 2013

Maung Daw, ArakanArbitrary arrests of Rohingyas by authority continue to escalate in Maung Daw. Besides, authority extorts huge amount of money from Rohingyas for their releases.

1) Ko Ko Aung @ Bong Kan Naing, the village administrator of Bawli Baazar (Kyeing Chaung), northern Maung Daw, in cooperation with Thein Than Oo, Police Chief of Kying Chaung Police station, is persecuting Rohingya villagers and extorting money everyday.

At 10:30PM on 28th August 2013, they arrested Abdu Rahman (Nephew of Khala Boda, Live-Stock Trading Licensee) and extorted Kyat 70,000 for sleeping in his own shop (without informing them).

On the same day, they arrested another Rohingya (son-in-law of bamboo trading licensee, Mr. Salim) and extorted Kyat 250,000 from him (that too) for sleeping in his friend’s house without the permission of the said administrator” reported by MYARF.

2) On 31st August 2013, Hlun Htein (Security Force) from No. 18 Station at the village of Mer Ullah (Myint Hlut) in Southern Maung Daw arrested Rahimullah S/o Maung Ba under the allegation of possesing Bangladeshi Sim Card. The next day, he was transferred to Maung Daw Police custody for refusing to pay the extortion money.

On 2nd September 2013, two police officers from Police Station at Rakhine village called Mrawaddy arbitrarily arrested Abdullah S/o Abdu Shukkor (age 45). He was tortured in the custody and next released after the extortion of Kyat 100,000″ reported by MYARF.

“Here, there is no day that passes without arbitrary arrests of innocent Rohingyas and money extortion by the authority. It has become a daily routine for them. They are extorting money from innocent Rohingyas as if they are not paid any salaries and as if they are set free to extort money from Rohingyas and survive on that” said a Rohingya elder in Maung Daw.



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