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Arakan Updates: Rohingyas in Sittway on the Verge of Facing Another Massacre

Arakan Updates: Rohingyas in Sittway on the Verge of Facing Another Massacre
August 10
21:55 2013

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August 11, 2013

Sittway, Arakan– Since 9th August 2013, Myanmar’s Security Force has renewed attacks on Internally Displaced Rohingyas in various camps in Akyab (Sittway). (The earlier report can be read here: ) More than three people died and severeral critically injured due to the shoots out by the secuirty force.

Moreover, yesterday evening, a joint group of around 70 Police and Security Force entered other IDP Camps such as Badua Dayl (Bawdu Pha), Baariza Fara (Ohn Daw Gyi) and Sakki Fara (Thakkay Pyin). They went wild. They arbitrarily beat and tortured many Rohingya IDPs. They opened fired at the displaced people. As a result, few IDP died and many others injured.

Therefore, the displaced Rohingyas, in response, locked those police and security force within the premise of their camps. On 10th August 2013 morning, three police vans came to the camp of Ohn Daw Gyi to pick up the locked the police officers. Rohingyas made some demands to be fulfilled in order to get them released. They are:

1)    To release all the innocent Rohingyas arrested by Police on 9th August 2013

2)    To allow the injured Rohingya victims to have access to medical treatements

3)    To release all the Rohingya intellectuals such as Lawyer U Kyaw Hla Aung, U Kyaw Myint and others arrested arbitrarilty.

The authority agreed to fulfill only former two demands and rejected the latter.

Earlier yesterday morning, Rohingyas destroyed the bridges and blocked roads to the IDP camps to prevent the vehicles of the security forces and Police from going to the camps and torturing people.

Since yesterday evening, joint groups of Military, Police, Security Force and Rakhine extremists are now trying to enter the IDP camps from all sides. One group is trying to enter from Bumay along Sittway university road, another group from the side of Thakkay Pyin and some four boats are heard to have been trying from the river side.

They are mainly trying to get into the Badua Dayl (Bawdu Pha) Camps. Once they can get in this area, they will easily have access to other Rohingya camps and villages such as Thay Chaung, Baariza Fara, Sheesha Fara and Day Bannya (DayPaing), Guallya Dayl etc.

Furthermore, around 300 fully weaponed security force are walking towards DayPaing and to Baariza Fara camps. Most of them are suspected to be Rakhine terrorists in Secuirty Force’s Uniform. They are secretly abducting or trying to abduct Rohingyas. And Rohingyas also fear that Security Force might burn down their camps.

Besides, four Rohingya boats are said to have already been burnt down by Rakhine terrorists.

The situation, now, is extremely tensed and at a breaking point. Hence, Rohingyas are extremely feared of becoming the victims of third time massacre by Myanmar’s Secuirty Force in cooperation with Rakhine terrorists. However, this time, the displaced Rohingyas are also said to be ready to face the worst.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that three Rohingyas (injured by the security force’s shoot out ) died on 10th August 2013 evening.

UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Burma, Mr. Tomas Ojea Quintana, is due to visit Myanmar and Arakan soon.

Reports compiled by MS Anwar

Please watch this space for more updates! 



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