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Another Rohingya Fisherman Became Prey of Rakhines’ Torture in Kyauktaw

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 15th October 2018

Kyauktaw: Another innocent Rohingya fisherman was inhumanely attacked in a village of Kyauktaw Township by five Mogh (Rakhine) extremists on 13th October 2018, reports a local.

At around 2 PM a group of six Rohingya from Ranifara village went out for fishing in the water body near Nga Thun Ka road of Kyauktaw Township.

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Later at around 6 PM one of the Rohingya identified to be Helal Uddin S/O Oo Ayub Ali, 40 was attacked by a group of five Moghs (Rakhine) and the fisherman was critically injured by their physical tortures.

Six of the Rohingya were fishing in different groups and the victim was targeted alone while returning from his daily fishing.

The victim is critically injured and is in need of immediate medical assistance.

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Yesterday another incident of Moghs (Rakhines) torture on an innocent Rohingya was also reported from Kyauktaw Township and the victim still waits for immediate treatment.

After evacuating the majority of the Rohingya villages since 2012, the few remaining Rohingya villagers in Kyauktaw Township are targeted and made prey on daily basis by Rahkines under the watch of a so-called democratic government of Aung San Suu Kyi.

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