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An Innocent Rohingya Shot Dead by Myanmar’s Border Guard Police

By Rohingya Eye

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) shot an innocent Rohingya fisherman to death in northern Maungdaw yesterday, the reliable sources say.

The killed person is identified to be Khala Meah, 40, hails from Ye Dwin Pyin village in northern Maungdaw Township. He was shot down by a BGP Force on his way back home from fishing in the Naff River.

“Khala Meah (son of) Sayedul Amin, 40, is a Rohingya fisherman from Ywe Dwin Pyin also known as Kuwar Bil in northern Maungdaw. He was arbitrarily blacklisted by the authority like other hundreds were on different pretexts.

Around 6:00AM yesterday, he was on his way back home by a peddle boat from fishing in the Naff River. Meanwhile, a Border Guard Policeman named Khin Maung Htoo from Camp (စခန္း) 10 under the commandment region (နယ္ေျမ) 4 ordered him to be present before him. So, the fisherman was approaching the policeman but he was a bit late since he was rowing the boat.

Just for that, the policeman began firing at him and that killed the innocent fishermen” said a local elder asking not to be named.  

“His dead body still floating in the river. The Border Guard Police has not allowed the people to recover it for a proper burial.

“The BGP from the camp always rob the fishes from the Rohingya fishermen. People feel that might be why he was hesitating to approach the policeman” he added.

Nowadays, the Border Guard Police (BGP) has been committing crimes against Rohingyas such as Money Extortions, Arbitrary Arrests & Tortures, Killings and rapes against women with impunity. The Border Guard Police replaced the notorious NaSaKa (the Border Security Force) in July 2013. However, the BGP has turned out worse.

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