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A Rohingya House Robbed by Unknown Armed Group

A Rohingya House Robbed by Unknown Armed Group
July 12
15:44 2013

June 12, 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan– At 1:00AM on 10th July 2013 night, a group of fifteen unknown armed people robbed a Rohingya house in the village of Ngan Chaung (Nyin Kyom) of Nagpura (Ngakura) village tract, northern Maung Daw. The robbers, suspected to be the members of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) or of Natala Rakhines, beat the owner of the house severely and looted all the money, gold and other valuable properties.

“Around 15 armed people in civil dress, pretending to be NaSaKa (Border Security Force), broke into the house of Najimul Haque S/o Sayed Alam (62) from the village of Ngan Chaung (Nying Kyom). Since the robbers were with weapons, no neighbor dared rescue the family. Therefore, they extensively robbed his house and took away every precious thing including Kyat 6 Million and 327 Gram of Gold.

Though the robbers pretended to be NaSaKa speaking Burmese Language in native accent, the villagers suspected them to be the members of either Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) or NaTaLa Rakhines” said a villager.

However, the concerned authority refused to carry out any investigations and actions.

“Major Soe Myint Lwin, NaSaKa commander of region (5) guarded by his fellow NaSaKas came to the place of the robbery incidence. Instead of promising to take actions to the victimized Rohingya family, he warned the family to write a formal to his office as “yes, some thieves entered my house and we could successfully drive them away. And everything is OK.” He further warned the head of the family “if there is any investigation carried out by the higher authorities, you must give the same statement. Only if you want to avoid further attacks or robberies, you have to do as I said!” Therefore, villagers also suspect that the NaSaKa Major had cooperated with the robbers in carrying out robberies” he added.

“Similar attacks and robberies took place once more not so long ago. Apparently the same armed group robbed goods worth millions of Kyats in At-Htet-Pruma (Furma) and Kappa Gaung (Hant Ba) of Nagpura (Ngakuara) village tract. Authority, as usual, didn’t take any action at that time either. Authority is not only ignoring Rohingyas’ suffering but also causing more miseries on them” he exclaimed.



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