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A Prominent Scholar is brutally tortured by local authorities in Northern Maungdaw


A Prominent Scholar is brutally tortured by local authorities in Northern Maungdaw
June 15
15:09 2015

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision TV): Authorities inhumanely tortured a religious scholar and looted his house in Hasarbil, Northern Maungdaw on 6th of June 2015 at 12:30 pm according to the local sources.

Senior authorities promised local villagers to investigate immediately on the case but it has been more than 10 days no justice is served yet.

Prominent Scholar Maulana Zubair a respected figure in Hanrasbil, Northen maungdaw who is well known of his religious knowledge and humbleness.

On 6th of June the authorities entered Maulana Zubair’s house with a false excuse of checking the guest in the house and accused him as Bengali and not being registered. The authorities started to destroy and loot household furniture including 14,44,000 kyat.

Later, they dragged him out in public to torture inhumanly and stroked him with more than 100 strips on his head in a way that no bloodshed nor visible marks could be shown.

It was also known that this incidence along with the authorities was co-chaired by a Maugh leader Zaw Zaw and police inspector of Ney may ghar. Zaw Zaw who is well known for his brutal act and tortures in his area in Bolibazar. Where locals are well aware and have solid evidence and eye witnesses of his inhuman act.

This incidence was very tragic and inhuman, torturing a respected and scholar figure in public destroying his house and looting money by authorities in the present of inspector as well said a local eyewitness.

Moreover Authorities along with the Rakhine extremists are further more flaming up the situation by targeting the peace loving prominent scholars of Rohingyas as a tool just before the election of Myanmar this year.And are acting as indicating arrows towards further incidence of torture and persecution.

Finally these sort of ongoing persecution have been going on since the mass exodus of 2012.And no signs of ending this genocide is moving towards the direction of ceasing.

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