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A Bit from the Painful Story of the Rohingya

A Bit from the Painful Story of the Rohingya
August 20
10:09 2015

Rabat – There is no doubt about who is the villain of this story. UN and Human Rights observers and workers have collected unquestionable evidence that ethnic cleansing is happening in Burma, and that it is the Burmese government that is responsible, if not directly, then by not protecting the religious minorities, especially the Muslim Rohingya to whom it has, since 1982, denied Burmese nationality.

Reports of hatred and violence towards Muslims are well documented. Observers are less cautious now than a few months ago to talk about genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The Rohingya are systematically starved and deprived from health care and physical protection. Alternatively, they take risks on boats that are often not apt to sail, where many drown, or if rescued, become hostages and prisoners of ruthless human traffickers.

When answering questions of eyewitness reporters on the state of the Rohingya, President Thein Sein insists there aren’t any in Burma. “There are no Rohingya.”

There are concentration camps in which the Burmese authorities confine them, allegedly to protect them, where they are turned into slaves and sold into human trafficking markets. The question remains, why is this allowed to continue? One could add, why is no other nation intervening to end this dark age against a religious minority at a time when armies and coalitions are formed to topple regimes, for much less, in other parts of the world?




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