70-Year-Old Rohingya Man in Critical Condition Following Attack by Burmese Troops

By December 6, 2016 15:14

70-Year-Old Rohingya Man in Critical Condition Following Attack by Burmese Troops

By Amanullah | RVision TV News

Maungdaw – An elderly Rohingya man is in critical condition following attacks by the Burmese troops at Ngakura village in northern Maungdaw on Monday (Dec 5) evening.

The 70-year-old man, Hala Meah (son of) Mohammed Yusof, was stopped and mercilessly attacked by a group of the Burmese troops, while he was on his way to mosque to offer ‘Asar’ prayer around 5 pm.

“The elderly man was only going to pray. Meanwhile, a group of the Burmese military popped up from nowhere and started whacking with their guns. It left him with severe injuries and he is struggling to survive. There are no way to give medical treatments either” said a local in Ngakura locally known as Nagpura village.

Meanwhile, the death-toll of the Rohingya boat victims increased to 26 as the Burmese Border Guard Police (BGP) went on a shooting rampage capsizing three Rohingya boats fleeing from the Burmese military violence in Maungdaw.

[Read the Report: Dozen Killed as Burmese Border Guards Open Fire on Rohingya Boats]

“Around 35 people got on three paddle-boats on December 4 night. Of them, 6 dead bodies washed up on the bank of the Naff River in Myanmar’s side, other 20 dead bodies were recovered from Bangladeshi fishermen in their maritime territory. So, the numbers of the casualties make up to 26, five people returned alive to Myanmar, while other five are still missing,” a Rohingya man in northern said.

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By December 6, 2016 15:14

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