Omar Sadek from Southern Maungdaw Tortured to Death by Armed Authorities of Myanmar in Custody

By June 27, 2017 13:49

Omar Sadek from Southern Maungdaw Tortured to Death by Armed Authorities of Myanmar in Custody

Southern Maungdaw: Omar Sadek, son of Nazir Ahmed, 33, from Western Hamlet of Baggona Village Tract, southern Maungdaw has died as a result of torture by military at their custody. He was arrested just yesterday (26/06/2017) at around 9:00 am after Eid al-Fitr Prayer by the military and Border Guard Police who raided the village.

Since he was arrested from the village, he has been being beaten and tortured inhumanely, according to sources, until he died of injuries at Maungdaw Public Hospital at around 7:00 am this morning (27/06/2017).

The authorities have refused to give his dead body to the family members for funeral and burial, and even nobody is allowed to visit the hospital in this regard.

“Suddenly some 10 BGP and Military personnel came to the village by motorcycles when we finished the Eid prayer, and they arrested him and started beating him severely” said an elderly from the village on condition of anonymity, “we are shocked to hear about his death this morning from a person who was visiting another patient at the hospital. As a 33 years-old youth dying due to tortures within a night, it was unbelievable.’’ he added.

Neither there was a reason of arrest known to anybody nor a trial and jurisdiction, in case he was arrested on suspicion. The whole game is ended up within a night.

There are hundreds of arrestees in Northern Arakan who are waiting the same fate as Omar. The very interesting is that the local armed authorities raid villages on daily basis and arrest some Rohingyas arbitrarily each day and the next day the state media announce that terrorist suspects arrested in Arakan.



By June 27, 2017 13:49

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