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20 Rohingyas Arrested for Performing Prayer

20 Rohingyas Arrested for Performing Prayer
August 09
14:04 2013

Reports from Buthidaug, Arakan

August 9, 2013

At 8:30AM this morning (i.e. on 9th August 2013 morning), in Buthidaung, 20 Rohingyas were arrested by Police for perfoiming Eid Prayer. They were arrested at the house of (Ywa Thu Gyi, a former village chief in British Colonial Era) U Kasim in Anauk Gwin village, Quarter 3, Buthidaung township.

A local Rohingya in Buthidaung said “both the township administrator and the village administrator have ordered not to perform any form of prayer on Eid Festival day. Since Eid prayer is one of the two important festival prayers for Muslims, some around 20 Rohingyas gathered and decided to perform the prayer secretly at the house of Ywa Thu Gyi Kasim.

While people were praying, Police raided and arrested all of the 20 people performing prayer (including children). Three of the 20 arrested people are said to have been 1) Abu Sayed, 2) Sayed Karim and 3) Abu Wafa.

Later, they were released after an extortion of Kyat 400,000. Besides, Police has warned that we can’t perform any such prayer in the future either. If we are found doing, we will be imprisoned for life they warned.

Myanmar is the only country in the world, where people are arrested or warned for life-time imprionment for performing prayers.”

And the similar preventions from performing Eid prayers were also carried out in Maung Daw township today.

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