Bangladesh FM, Dipu Moni, meets with US FM John Kerry 19-May-2013

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By May 19, 2013 22:46

Bangladesh FM, Dipu Moni, meets with US FM John Kerry 19-May-2013


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Bangladesh News

Bangladesh FM, Dipu Moni, meets with US FM John Kerry..

– Discussed to improve bilateral relationship between Bangladesh and US

– John Kerry expressed his condolence on the deaths of more than 1000 garment workers after the collapse of Rana Plaza in Dhaka

– He also said every US citizen mourned on the deaths of the workers

– Dipu Moni said there are 30,000 registered Rohingya refugees and other 300,000 unregistered Rohingya refugees living in Bangladesh

– The constant influx of Rohingya refugees from Burma is causing many problems in Bangladesh

– In the discussion with Myanmar, they have promised to take Rohingyas back for more than three times.
– Yet, they failed to live up to their promise


Myanmar News

– To boost and speed up the (so-called) reforms taking place in Myanmar, US has promised to assist more than US$75.4 million from their South-East Asia Budget.

– Some politicians and congress members said “it is too early to help Burma at a time when they are abusing minorities and haven’t released all the political prisoners.

– Burmese government has not solved the violence going on in the country yet.

– “There are Burmese military behind the incitement of violence” said a congressman, Steve Chabot.

– US encouraging Burma to become a country with the real democracy that respect human rights.

– US expects President Thein Sein to discuss with the Political Dissidents in Exile and the matter of Arakan violence in the first meeting of a Burmese President in 50 years to be held in the VOA Town Hall.

– Students from Myanmar, Rohingya Muslim leaders and others are expected to attend the meeting.

– President Thein Sein will meet Barack Obama in the White House on Monday.

– The White House said, in the meeting, the democratic process in Burma, trade and the problems of Myanmar people around the world are to be discussed in the meeting.

– Human Rights Watch said “US must ask president Thein Sein why Burma is so slow in taking actions and has done so little regarding the Rohingya problems.”

–  Besides, it says “there are still many political prisoners behind the bars even after the releases of 28 prisoners on May 17.”

– Barack Obama, in his visit to Rangoon, said “Rohingyas hold, within themselves, hold the same dignity that we do.”

– HRW said “Barack Obama must ask why Burmese government is failing to improve human rights and to get rid of the violence going on in different parts of the country.”


International News

– Senior Vice President of Pakistan Justice Movement (PTI) led by Imran Khan, Zahra Shahid Hussain, shot dead.

– Chinese Prime Minister visits India to solve the border problems and improve trade and bilateral relationship.

– Nigerian Military blocks the base of Boko Haram Force.

– Egypt closes its Border with Gaza.




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By May 19, 2013 22:46

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