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13 Rohingya Civilians Arrested during Army Siege in Rathedaung

13 Rohingya Civilians Arrested during Army Siege in Rathedaung
November 07
17:48 2016

By Min SK │RVision TV News

Rathedaung – The Burmese army arrested 13 innocent Rohingya civilians during a siege of one thousand people at KoeTanKauk (Doon Say Fara) village in Rathedaung Township yesterday.

The Burmese troops rounded up the village at 10 PM on Friday night on pretext of ‘Clearance Operation’, a siege that ended around 9 PM last night only.

The Burmese troops committed some serious atrocities against the civilians during the siege, which included the arbitrary arrests of innocent civilians and subsequently labelling them as terrorists to justify the siege and the crimes committed during the siege.

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The numbers of the people arrested during the siege are listed below.

No Name Father Age
1 Mv Abul Kasim Abdul Aziz 50
2 Mv Zahid Hussain Mahmood 35
3 Mv Rahimullah Ali Ahmed 50
4 Ziyabul Hoque Mohammed 35
5 Shomsul Alam Aashu 18
6 Anwar Sharif Sayed 14
7 Imtazullah Abdul Kadir 15
8 Noor Alam Nabi Hussein 20
9 Noor Hussein Sayed Hussein 25
10 Imran Sayed Hussein 20
11 Imran Rahmatullah 27
12 Salim Mohammed Rashid 43
13 Mohammed Nabi Nabi Hussein 35

Of them, Salim (son of) Mohammed Rashid and Mohammed Nabi (son of) Nabi Hussein were arrested on Saturday and labelled as terrorists by the Ministry of Information Portal.

“Troops ganged-up and tortured us inhumanely. They didn’t even spare children. At one point, we felt like dying after fighting.

“It was like a hell” said a victim after being freed from an almost-48-hour siege by the army at KoeTanKauk.

Today, starting at 7:30 AM, the Burmese troops have rounded up the KoeTanKauk IDP (Internally Displaced People) camps. The troops forced all the Rohingya men including children out of their camps and have made them get down on their knees with their heads bowed down under the extreme hot sun, according to a reliable source in the camp.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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