13-May-2013 Interview with Sayed Hussien ARU Council Member

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13-May-2013 Interview with Sayed Hussien ARU Council Member


Weather news and Reports on Mahasen Cyclone.

Interview with Sayed Hussain Council Member of A.R.U………..


Mohammed Noor  (MN) as a interviewer and Syed Hussian (SH) as a interviewee

MN: There is a Mahasen cyclone expected to hit the areas between Arakan and Chittagong 80 to 100 mph. Especially in Akyab, there are thousands of displaced people without any shelter. Their temporary tents might get destroyed. Many people might lose their lives due the storm. What protective steps we are taking to save them?

As the individual organizations, how are our organizations trying to pressure Burmese Regime and seeking help from INGOs to minimize the danger posing Rohingyas?

SH: We can only pray at the moment. Though we are trying hard to pressure Burmese government, it is simply not effective. There are a lot of things to do.

And our people in exile are not taking any step together to save the people inside. People inside the country such in Yangon are more united. We can only give some financial supports at the moment. We don’t have capability to improve the miserable situation of our people. It is because of our own weaknesses. We can just only pressure through writing statements.

MN: Well! We all know it is  a natural disaster. Yet, being a community, even though international community do not come up, we have to take some measures in order to rescue the people who are expected to be in the grave troubles and to be extremely in need of humanitarian aids as the consequences of the cyclone, haven’t we?

SH: That’s true. We have to see to what extent we can help them. The problem is Rakhine extremists in cooperation with the government do not want to let us live in a good condition. They like to block all the humanitarian assistance to Rohingyas and are trying to destroy this community. But we have to try our best to help Rohingyas inside.

MN: Well! Rohingyas are in Arakan are being Bengalized by the authority by force in order to portray Rohingyas as Bengali immigrants to the international community. In fact, many have already been Bengalized. On the other hand, Thein Sein is saying that he will the due rights to the Muslims. Besides, he is saying that he also needs to listen the demands made by Rakhines. They are making three different statements. So, we can’t rest any hope in Burmese government. What can you hope from them?

SH: We can’t hope anything from Thein Sein either. He keeps changing statements. Is he afraid of taking actions against the Rakhine extremists or cooperating with them? Whatever the case may be, it is bad for us. He is a President of a country. Therefore, we can’t accept if says he is afraid of Rakhine extremists. In fact, they all are cooperating to wipe us out.

Yesterday, I was informed that Rohingyas in Foira Bazaar are being Bengalized by the authority by means of force. Besides, they are sent by the central government and are raoming in red clothes. Rohingyas fear of being attacked if they refuse to participate in Bengalization process. I said, no matter how brutally they treat you, don’t be ready to be Bengalized. People even those living nearby the forests came to realize that it is their attempt to make them Bengalis. Therefore, all these can be done by none other than the government itself.

MN: OK! Many of our people know what we discuss here. They want to just escape the land due to severe persecutions. We can’t even ask them not to leave Arakan because it is now like a hell. As a result, hundreds of people are dying in the sea. If those people stand united to defend the evil rulers in the country, it will be better off. Now, the situation is becoming exactly the way Burmese regime wants it to be (to make Arakan Muslim free region). What’s your opinion?

SH: Yes! Hundreds of people are dying in the sea. Getting arrested and beaten by Thai Navy etc. If they remain in their land to defend themselves from Burmese brutal regime and Rakhine extremists, the situation will be better. If we think being in their situation, they are doing so only to save their lives.

They don’t see the danger that they will face in their perilous sea journey but the atrocities and catastrophes faced by their sisters, mothers, brothers and fathers etc. That’s why they are taking such great risks by taking the sea journey. However, leaving the land and making it empty are not good.

People inside might say to the Rohingyas outside “you are living abroad. That’s you don’t know our situation.” The time when we left and the time now are different. If our people leave now, it means that we are doing exactly the way that Burmese regime and Rakhine extremists wish it to be. However, not all of the Rohingyas are wanting to leave. Many people are saying “it will not be good if we leave. We have to stay.” And there are some people who are ready to defend themselves from all the oppressors. Many people still are brave enough to do so inshaAllah.

You can decide looking in the instance of Bengalization by force. People are up with their courage not to participate in such a fraudulent process although they know that they are taking great risks for their lives.

My opinion is “leaving the land in such a way is not good. We have to convince our own brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and all the relatives to be patient and stay in the country………………….

“”The translation of the second half of the interview is coming soon…..””


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