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Yet Another Rohingya Boat Sinks Off Sittwe Coast

M.S. Anwar | October 4, 2013

A boat carrying 38 internally displaced Rohingyas capsized and sank off the coast of Sittwe at around 4:30AM on 3rd Novemeber 2013. Till date, only 15 Rohingya could come back alive, one dead body was found and other 16 people are still missing.

The whole account of the disaster is as mentioned below.

“A boat carrying 38 internally displaced Rohingyas (both males and females) (from Sittwe IDP camps) departed from the jetty of Thay-Chaung, Sittwe township, at 9:35PM on on 2nd November 2013. The boat left the Sittwe jetty with the permission by Sittwe authority.

The boat capsized and sank in the bay of Bengal off the coast of Arakan at around 4:30AM on 3rd Novemeber 2013. Of the 38 people on the boat, 15 people managed to come back alive. One dead body was found in the sea, other 16 are still missing.

The boat was reportedly heading to Bangladesh.”

A Sinking Rohingya Boat (Photo:
Condition of a Sinking Rohingya Boat (Photo:

This is yet another disaster as a result of taking advantage of the desparate and vulnerable condition of Rohingyas in Arakan by the human trafficking rings that involve Myanmar authority, black-sheeps within Rohingya community such as unethical, greedy and self-centred Rohingyas and Thai human traffickers etc. A report on the human trafficking rings have been made earlier (Read Report HERE ).

These human trafficking rings seriously need to be busted.

Written by M.S. Anwar based on the report by Maung Than Kyaw Htin, News and Reasearch, Sallam Oic Group(a source on the ground). M.S. Anwar can be reached at